Do You YouTube or TV?

Media_Star_single_star_labelDo you YouTube or TV?

YouTube has reached 6 BILLION views per month.  Wow. 

In less than a decade, what many people looked at as strictly a platform for amateur video distribution is now recognized as online TELEVISION.

It’s no longer a question of watching YouTube or TV.  It’s all television now.  According to, YouTube has actually overtaken television as the primary source of entertainment, information and education for 18-24 year olds.

Significant brands are using high quality video production to produce TV-style programming for the platform;  sales growth in “Smart TV’s,” which integrate television with the Internet, is making it easier to access shows on multiple platforms and changing the viewer experience. 

YouTubers who recognized it as the future of television early on have become established stars of the medium and are creating businesses to profit from their increased visibility.

YouTube Stars Cash In Offline

Richest YouTube Stars in 2014

Becoming a YouTube sensation may not be your goal. Only a handful of the thousands of video creators are “stars.”  But there’s no question, creating online video for YOU-TV can be a powerful part of your media authority toolbox.

By establishing your own YouTube TV “channel,” you can appeal directly to your niche and attract the right audience to educate, entertain and sell your products, services, books, events and more.  Enhanced features on the platform this year allow fans to become more involved with your content, even contributing money to your projects.

As I’ve written before, my approach is a high-low video strategy in which we show clients how to augment their professionally produced business videos with simple DIY video blog (vlog) messages using a web cam, tablet or smart phone. They can all live on your YouTube TV Channel’s playlists.

Professionally, I recommend clients buy a business account on Vimeo as the home base for their videos.  Owning a safe place for your videos that you control is important because YouTube is a free service and constantly evolving. I’ve known users who lost their channel and their entire collection of hundreds of videos because YouTube decided they violated its terms of service. 

But to be media-smart, don’t ignore YouTube. Post your videos on both platforms. It would be foolish to discount all those eyeballs!