Why Your Online Presence Matters. Are you a REAL Expert-Authority?

In this Digital Age, it’s possible to run a business as an entirely “virtual” venture. No face-to-face customer contact, no office, no employees.  Just you, your computer and a mobile phone.  Many people dream of running this kind of business in their pj’s, from a coffee shop or on the beach, either as a sideline Read more about Why Your Online Presence Matters. Are you a REAL Expert-Authority?[…]

Are You an Authentic Authority?

I recently listened to a new podcast from Jack Mize and Brian Horn called "Authority Alchemy."  You can find the series here: http://authorityalchemy.com/podcasts/ And here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/authority-alchemy-brian-horn/id736803076 It's all about "authority marketing."  If you're confused about what that term means, it's the kind of marketing that positions you to be perceived as the recognized authority or Read more about Are You an Authentic Authority?[…]

The Overnight Success Myth of Media Fame

There is a formula to fame, but many are unwilling to put in the required time and effort to achieve it. Becoming  an overnight success can take years. Drive and strategic planning can mean the difference between someone with enormous talent who sits back waiting for the world to beat a path to their door Read more about The Overnight Success Myth of Media Fame[…]

Why Credibility Matters Online

I bet you don’t know me.  I mean, you don’t know me personally and that’s okay.  You've met me online by reading my blog and perhaps gotten to know me through social media postings. Somewhere along the way, you decided my content is worthy of your time and interest.  I cannot express how thankful I Read more about Why Credibility Matters Online[…]