Do You YouTube or TV?

Do you YouTube or TV? YouTube has reached 6 BILLION views per month.  Wow.  In less than a decade, what many people looked at as strictly a platform for amateur video distribution is now recognized as online TELEVISION. It’s no longer a question of watching YouTube or TV.  It’s all television now.  According to, Read more about Do You YouTube or TV?[…]

Focus and Distraction On Video

I want to write a few words about focus and distraction on video. Last time I wrote about what to say. (If you missed it, you can read it here.)  This post is about how to say it.  Because I advised you last time to speak naturally in plain language to the lens, you might Read more about Focus and Distraction On Video[…]

Video Testimonial Formula for Great Comments on Camera

In working with clients, I always keep this favorite Maya Angelou quote in mind.  It's also an important aspect of how effective testimonials work on camera because the essence of a good video testimonial is a customer who expresses positive emotions about working with you. Every business wants to show off lots of compelling testimonials Read more about Video Testimonial Formula for Great Comments on Camera[…]

High-Low Online Video Strategy

As anyone online has realized, the Internet has become a highly visual place and video is a huge draw, since most people would rather watch than read.  A recent infographic from Brightcove shared some interesting research about good video versus bad video experiences.  You can see the whole image here: This part stood out Read more about High-Low Online Video Strategy[…]