Video Testimonial Formula for Great Comments on Camera

In working with clients, I always keep this favorite Maya Angelou quote in mind.  It's also an important aspect of how effective testimonials work on camera because the essence of a good video testimonial is a customer who expresses positive emotions about working with you. Every business wants to show off lots of compelling testimonials Read more about Video Testimonial Formula for Great Comments on Camera[…]

Interview Experts to Boost Your Authority

Conducting free expert interviews with audio or video is an excellent way to position yourself as an expert online.  That may sound funny since all you’re doing is asking questions, but believe me, it's powerful. Creating a conversation with questions is a skill and when you bring out the best in your guests through engaging Read more about Interview Experts to Boost Your Authority[…]

When Knowing Your Stuff is Not Enough

New technology has given experts of all kinds many more media opportunities to be seen and heard. They can appear in their own videos, on Skype interviews, podcasts, Internet radio, Web TV as well as do traditional broadcast interviews.  But professionals have to bring more to the table than simply their wealth of knowledge and Read more about When Knowing Your Stuff is Not Enough[…]

Facing the Camera Video Tips

I've noticed a lot of people addressing the camera with their chin up recently.  It's okay to raise your chin slightly when you speak, but it's best to position the camera at eye level or slightly above and then look straight at the lens.  Here's a video I did a few years ago about that Read more about Facing the Camera Video Tips[…]