The Value of Working with Experts

No official post for becoming more media savvy today because I need to spend the time fixing my website. I love the flexibility of a self-hosted wordpress site, but I am far from a wordpress expert. I do not know anything about code, and when things go wrong, I am at a loss. Unfortunately, my Read more about The Value of Working with Experts[…]

Media Expert Goal: I See You Everywhere!

Exposure is the name of the game for building your expert credibility and visibility. So how do you go about getting more exposure for yourself to grow your business?  My passion is helping clients build media authority and a media expert platform so naturally I recommend creating online media content as the basis of your digital Read more about Media Expert Goal: I See You Everywhere![…]

Interview Experts to Boost Your Authority

Conducting free expert interviews with audio or video is an excellent way to position yourself as an expert online.  That may sound funny since all you’re doing is asking questions, but believe me, it's powerful. Creating a conversation with questions is a skill and when you bring out the best in your guests through engaging Read more about Interview Experts to Boost Your Authority[…]