Do You YouTube or TV?

Do you YouTube or TV? YouTube has reached 6 BILLION views per month.  Wow.  In less than a decade, what many people looked at as strictly a platform for amateur video distribution is now recognized as online TELEVISION. It’s no longer a question of watching YouTube or TV.  It’s all television now.  According to, Read more about Do You YouTube or TV?[…]

Raise Your Voice with the Power of Podcasting

I began my broadcasting career in radio before moving over to TV news and have always loved the medium.  The “theater of the mind” aspect of radio storytelling is so creative and magical and it’s a pleasure to listen to skilled interviewers like Terry Gross on NPR's Fresh Air talk with her fascinating guests. YOU Read more about Raise Your Voice with the Power of Podcasting[…]

How to Create a Magnetic Media Expert Platform

Want to become a business celebrity? Are you ready for your close-up? What would it take to make a name in your industry? Get started on a campaign by thinking about who knows you and what you are known for?  Then, on paper or on your computer, sketch out a step-by-step platform strategy roadmap to Read more about How to Create a Magnetic Media Expert Platform[…]

Focus and Distraction On Video

I want to write a few words about focus and distraction on video. Last time I wrote about what to say. (If you missed it, you can read it here.)  This post is about how to say it.  Because I advised you last time to speak naturally in plain language to the lens, you might Read more about Focus and Distraction On Video[…]