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Blogging is such a fabulous way to get more visibility and build your authority online, but consistency is key. Setting up systems to keep the content flowing is a smart move for any expert.

Now I have a tool for the iPad that makes blogging more convenient.

It is a $4.99 app called Blogsy that lets me easily write my blog anywhere right from my iPad. It is amazing what you can do with this app by simply tapping and swiping your fingers across the screen. 

Naturally you can write a post with the app. Then add photos, videos, links, do all kinds of formatting, schedule posts, create posts or pages, publish to multiple blogs and much more. I can do everything I do blogging on my computer with Windows Live Writer (another tool I love to use), while on-the-go.

The app is not brand new, but it is new to me. I found out about it reading this review from Jo Barnes:

I've found Blogsy has a bit of a learning curve, but it provides great video tutorials as well as written ones. Here’s a video about the app’s latest improvements:

If you want to use your iPad to blog, it is 5-dollars well spent.

There are probably other blogging tools, but I have not looked for them. I noticed some suggestions for Android devices in the comments on Jo’s post. (My smart phone is an Android, but I don’t want to blog with it.)

Tell me what you think of this app.  Any other blogging apps you find useful?

Blog On!  🙂

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