Be the Producer: Online Media for Every Personality

podcasting_400_clr_7261We live in a multimedia world. The vast majority of us consume voracious amounts of print, broadcast and Internet media constantly, but it’s a much smaller number of people who create media.

That’s where an opportunity lies for you and your business to stand out and get noticed online. Why not be the producer?

Dream big, start small and get comfortable!

Every medium has its pros and cons and with Internet technology, you get to choose how to “be the media.” Write articles, books and blogs, record audio, shoot photographs, produce video.  The tools are available for you to produce media content and distribute it widely at low cost or no cost.

People are at their best when they feel comfortable and it can be scary to put yourself out there with your writing, voice, photos or videos. That’s why performers practice or get comfortable.

Play to your strengths to begin with.  Are you more comfortable writing, taking photos, recording audio or producing video?  Pick one and do that first.

Make a strategic online visibility plan to produce media content using simple tools that are readily available like your smart phone, web cam or tablet.

Don’t go out and invest in a bunch of fancy gear with a steep learning curve before you produce something.  Make sure the equipment is easy to use so you’ll want to keep at it.  (you can get fancy later)

Plus once you’ve mastered your most “comfortable” medium, try another one.  Stretch and get out of your comfort zone to grow personally and professionally.  Have fun and give yourself permission to make a few missteps as you go.  (People think because  I was a broadcaster, this stuff comes easy to me, but DIY media is new for me too and I have the cringe-worthy YouTube videos to prove it!)

Your goal is to find the best media communication mix to effectively reach and resonate with your target audience. You may discover their best medium is one you never imagined you’d embrace.

How are you using or planning to use online media?   Please leave a comment with your thoughts.

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Janet Vasil

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