What is Public Relations?

Public relations aims to develop relationships and to establish a communication lines with their audience or customer base. External PR involves the strategic development of a relationship between businesses, non-profit institutions including other external parties, etc. And to create sympathy and understanding of those opposed to the company activities.

The main task of the internal public relations is to build a corporate culture and a corporate image. Thus, the individual functions (not necessarily systematic) entail information, contact, image, harmonization, stabilization, promotion and continuity.

Events include the introduction of new products launches, personnel changes, anniversaries, social activities, important visits and crisis communications.

In principle, public relations constitutes:

    – A broad concept for the design of public communication of organizations, businesses, government agencies, etc.
    – A social phenomenon that is the subject of a science, harmonizing the aspects of communication, economics, psychology and sociology
    – All measures to maintain the relationship with the public
    – All measures to boost the image of a company to the public.

The recipients of the communication can be individuals, institutions, corporations, the media or consumers.

The responsibilities of public relations can be divided into several areas:

    – Human relations geared towards employees, their families in addition to former and potential employees.
    – Media relations for representatives of mass media journalism as potential disseminators of public information.
    – Public affairs addressed to decision-makers in politics and public administration.

    – Financial / investor relations aimed at the parties with capital interests, such as co-owner, creditor or financial analysts.
    – Community relations aimed at local communities.

    – Product publicity aimed at users and potential users of products and services.
    – Eco relations aimed at critical discourses of the norms and values regarding environmental balance.

    – Crisis management communication.
    – Corporate identity.
    – Sales PR (support sales activities).

For this a series of communication avenues and tools are available which include among other things:

    – Public relations: Writing and distributing press releases, theme contributions to various media, case studies, speeches, biographies, theme planning, press conferences and round tables, editorial visits to customers, responding to press inquiries, organizing press meetings, interviews, press conferences, press briefings, press invitations, Internet service, provision of photographs.

    – Media monitoring: Monitoring of the media presence as well as evaluation and analysis of communications, for example through the creation of press reviews, as well as quantitative and qualitative media content analysis.

    – Communication control: Measuring the contribution of PR to the success and value of a company.
    – Media design: Creating annual reports, brochures, flyers, advertisements, newsletters, consumer magazines, web sites, advertorials, etc.

    – Event management: Planning and implementation of conferences, seminars, fairs, consumer events, trade shows and other events
    – Internal communications: Development of employee magazines, newsletters, planning and implementation of events for employees, staff training, intranet services, etc.

    – Online PR: improving traditional PR tools through additional platforms (eg online newsroom), developing own tools and strategies (eg, corporate websites, themes, websites, corporate blogs, online magazines, online campaigning)
    – Training: Media training, speech and article writing training, etc.


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