6 Ways to Use Video in Business

universe- earthA friend recently shared a conversation she had with her 5 year old granddaughter.  It was some fanciful tale about how the child would fly to another planet when she grew up.

When my friend asked how she would get there, the little girl said she’d find a video on YouTube and build a spaceship!

But, of course! Why didn’t Grandma know that? Today even 5-year-olds know exactly where to go to find out what they want to know on video!

How-to and Show-me videos are just two of the many kinds of videos you can use to attract an audience to your expertise and your business. Most people would rather watch than read a long how-to email or download a big instruction manual. 

With video, you can teach them how to use  your product or explain what your service does. Video lets you share what you know verbally and show what you know visually.

Here are 6 different types of videos to consider.

1-Video Tutorial   

How-to videos are an excellent way to create content that will be searched for, found, and viewed. Many people love to follow a step-by-step video and video tutorials are easy to create. 

The simplest way is to shoot the video on your smartphone or use a webcam.  You sit or stand in front of the camera and show and tell what to do. Here’s an example.

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

If you’re teaching an online skill, there’s software that allows you to  record  your computer screen.  Make a video that shows the screen as you take each step and  explain what you’re doing as they see you do it.

Screen capture software ranges in price from free to expensive.  Two popular ones are Camstudio  and Camtasia, but they are two of many.  

2- Demonstration Video

Show-me videos are similar to tutorials, though perhaps a little less educational. Instead of teaching the steps, you’re generally just showing something without any instruction.

For example,  you might open an item you just purchased to let the viewer see what’s inside the box or do a visual walk-through of how something works.  

A “demo” is also used by musicians, actors and other types of performers to show off an individual’s talent to prospective hiring agents.

3- Respond to Customers With Video  

A quick video to answer a customer question, provide more information or clarify how your product or service is working is an excellent opportunity to add a personal touch in your business.  It doesn’t have to be a big production. 

A simple smartphone or web cam video response isn’t hard to do. You could post it on social media or send an email with a link to the video. 

Another idea would be to invite them to a video chat or Skype call.  This gives you a chance for a two-way conversation with that customer.

4- Run a Video Contest

This is a fun way to put out more video content without creating it yourself!   Set up a video marketing campaign for a video contest. 

Contests can be a little tricky and there are rules governing how they’re run, but information is readily available online to help you do it right.

One important tip: make sure you set very clear guidelines for your contestants.  

5- Create a Video Series  

A single video is okay, but a video series can get viewers coming back for more. It’s a powerful approach to turn casual viewers into fans and followers and a series of videos gives you a longer opportunity to convert viewers into customers. 

Be sure your content is constructed in such a way that it motivates viewers to want to see the next video in the series. Plan each video to build on the previous one. 

Make it “must-see” Web TV! A video series is likely to receive more views, more likes, and position you to make more sales.   

6- Grow Your Email List Using Video 

One of the mantras of online marketers is “the money is in the list.”  A database of names and email addresses is a powerful marketing tool for your business. You want to consistently take action to grow a list of interested people you can regularly contact through email.

Video content can entice viewers to join your list by presenting a tip or tool and then offering them a free gift that will help them even more, such as a special report, checklist or e-book. 

People who decide to give you their name and email address are in essence raising their hand to say they want to hear from you.  

There you have it!  6 great ways to use video. Why not put one or all of these different types of video to work for you?

Want more videos?  Check out my Kindle book which offers 30 ideas for creating videos.


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