Focus and Distraction On Video

I want to write a few words about focus and distraction on video. Last time I wrote about what to say. (If you missed it, you can read it here.)  This post is about how to say it.  Because I advised you last time to speak naturally in plain language to the lens, you might Read more about Focus and Distraction On Video[…]

Magical Thinking about Online Visibility

Becoming a recognized expert and attracting a crowd with your Magnetic Media Expert Platform takes time, effort, thought, planning…and generally some type of monetary investment.  Just because you can start a free blog, host a free webinar, shoot and edit photos or video with a free app on your smartphone does not mean you should Read more about Magical Thinking about Online Visibility[…]

No Shame in Your Game: 5 Tips for Artful Self – Promotion

I work with a young woman whose on camera career is growing.  She is steadily getting more and more opportunities to showcase her talent, but if you looked at her social media presence, you'd never know it. While she's conscientious about posting photos and comments to promote events she's involved in and compliment individuals she Read more about No Shame in Your Game: 5 Tips for Artful Self – Promotion[…]