Web Video: If Not Now, When?

Tomorrow is November 1st, the holidays are approaching fast and 2013 is nearly over.  Was web video on your agenda for 2013?   Did you forget to do video or never get “around to it?” There’s still time! Whatever you do with online media to promote yourself and your business, don’t ignore video.  The Web Video Read more about Web Video: If Not Now, When?[…]

5 Ways to Organize Your Video Story

Telling a story is a powerful way to communicate, whether it's through the written word, spoken word or in video.  Unfortunately it’s common for video newbies and non-professionals to go out and shoot willy-nilly and then fall in love with everything they shot. This makes it nearly impossible for them to pick the best bits Read more about 5 Ways to Organize Your Video Story[…]

Show It and Tell It to Sell It with Video

Video storytelling is about the visuals and while not every video has to be laden with superbly edited action shots, music, special effects, photos and graphics, if you’ve got it, SHOW it. Grab their attention at the top of your video or they’ll jump to the next site. Entertain and/or inform the viewer, then ask Read more about Show It and Tell It to Sell It with Video[…]

Getting Noticed? Expect Critics

“I've been getting some bad publicity – but you got to expect that.” Elvis Presley Elvis took some hits in the media back in the day, some deserved and I am sure, some that were off-base.  It is the price you pay for being a public figure and enjoying the perks of fame. Now, on Read more about Getting Noticed? Expect Critics[…]