Highlight Your Blog Posts on Pinterest

If your target audience hangs out on Pinterest, so should you. (duh!)  And Pinterest has recently made some changes that will help you, and the content you create, stand out better than ever. I have some of my blog posts pinned to my boards and I've gotten traffic and exposure from putting them there, but Read more about Highlight Your Blog Posts on Pinterest[…]

Why Credibility Matters Online

I bet you don’t know me.  I mean, you don’t know me personally and that’s okay.  You've met me online by reading my blog and perhaps gotten to know me through social media postings. Somewhere along the way, you decided my content is worthy of your time and interest.  I cannot express how thankful I Read more about Why Credibility Matters Online[…]

Encouraging more comments on your blog

Have you ever wanted to leave a comment on a blog but didn’t do it because you had to register on the site or otherwise jump through hoops to make the comment? We’re all in a time crunch and you’ll be more likely to increase social media engagement on your blog, if you make it quick Read more about Encouraging more comments on your blog[…]

How to Get Free Publicity with Radio Interviews

If you have never done a media interview before, a good place to start is with radio interviews. You can get started as a guest expert, doing interviews over the telephone, from the convenience of your home or office.  With phone interviews, you don’t have to worry about getting into a studio (although you may Read more about How to Get Free Publicity with Radio Interviews[…]