Time, Marketing and Gmail Changes

About a month ago, Google rolled out a change to its email program that sorts your emails into several simple categories. You could opt-out of the new look or customize it.  I already had my own email filters in place, but I liked the organizational simplicity of Google’s tab choices and kept their categories of Read more about Time, Marketing and Gmail Changes[…]

Who Cares about Your Message?

One of the fundamental questions a journalist will ask when they are considering whether to do a story is: Who Cares? I am not trying to be flip or sarcastic. A producer, reporter or editor may say it to you or simply think it to themselves.  That's because when you’re producing for television, radio or Read more about Who Cares about Your Message?[…]

Finding Images for your Blog Posts

Since the first caveman drew on a wall, communicating with pictures has been a powerful way to tell a story. Internet content is now full of photos, video and other visuals of all kinds. Appealing images are eye candy that add color, style and personality to your articles and blog posts and make them pop. Read more about Finding Images for your Blog Posts[…]

Interview Experts to Boost Your Authority

Conducting free expert interviews with audio or video is an excellent way to position yourself as an expert online.  That may sound funny since all you’re doing is asking questions, but believe me, it's powerful. Creating a conversation with questions is a skill and when you bring out the best in your guests through engaging Read more about Interview Experts to Boost Your Authority[…]