Create Irresistable Email Subject Lines

I know I wrote about email subject lines recently, but I'm doing a project for a television company right now and cannot believe how many PR professionals seem to put no thought into them at all.  I'm deleting hundreds of pitches everyday without once peeking inside.  The subject lines give me no reason to look Read more about Create Irresistable Email Subject Lines[…]

Talk Radio wants YOU!

I often talk about TV and online video but don't forget radio. Tap into radio talk shows on-air and online and pitch them for publicity interviews. Radio talk producers often need to fill several hours a day so they're always on the look-out for great guests. There are shows for just about every topic reaching Read more about Talk Radio wants YOU![…]

My Media Tips on YouTube

Have I told you about my YouTube channel?  I've had it for quite some time and I must admit I haven't posted there for awhile.  But the media tip videos are evergreen and there are a couple interesting promotional videos for my online video marketing company there too! I have a new web cam and Read more about My Media Tips on YouTube[…]