Writing a book? What’s the title?

Image via Wikipedia When you walk through a book shop or visit an online book store, what attracts your eye?  I bet it's a catchy title! A good example is Tim Ferriss' book,"The 4-Hour Work Week." That title flew off the book shelves, shot to the top of the best seller list and made Ferriss Read more about Writing a book? What’s the title?[…]

Six Figures from YouTube?

A lot of people may  dream of becoming Do-It-Yourself Video Stars, but can you make real money making videos? TubeMogul analyzed their viewership date and found 10 people in the world who are pulling in six figures or more from the YouTube partnership program.  How do they do it? Here’s a link to the BusinessInsider.com Read more about Six Figures from YouTube?[…]

Interview with an Expert – You!

Image via Wikipedia When a journalist is looking for an expert source to interview, being an "author" adds instant authority and could put you at the top of their list.  Do you dream of writing a book?   Do you have a title for it?  If you want to write and publish a book someday, Read more about Interview with an Expert – You![…]

How Do I Look? Is Your Website iPad-ready?

Image via Wikipedia Last week as I was writing about the future of mobile marketing, Duct Tape Marketing Founder John Jantsch was thinking about the wide screen implications for people viewing your content on the iPad tablet.  He posted a resource-rich article for making the look and layout of your blog or website iPad-friendy. Here's Read more about How Do I Look? Is Your Website iPad-ready?[…]