Email Subject Lines – Open Me!

Image via Wikipedia Most media pitches are sent by email, so how do you make sure YOUR pitch gets opened?  It's not uncommon for journalists to receive 200-500 emails a day.  Who has the time to open and read every one and still get their job done?  Nobody!  That's why the delete key can be Read more about Email Subject Lines – Open Me![…]

Writing Copy to Motivate

                                                         Let's face it.  The Internet has made millions of us online content producers, whether we like creating media or not.  For some people, it's a chore, perhaps a new job requirement while others have found content creation an exciting new creative outlet.  Either way, the ability to express yourself well is a valuable skill Read more about Writing Copy to Motivate[…]

Blogging for the Long Haul

                                                        I love writing this blog but there's no question, it's a commitment.  After nearly two years, my business is going in a different direction and I sometimes struggle to post regularly and keep my content fresh.  Still, I can't tell you how many times someone I've met online or at a networking event Read more about Blogging for the Long Haul[…]