Let’s Tell A Story

Radio and TV news people are always looking for stories. When you pitch broadcasters, make the pitch in the form of a story.  Don't give them a dry list of facts and figures. 

The late Don Hewitt who founded "60 Minutes" told every young journalist he met that the secret to the show's massive success was summed up in four words, "Tell me a Story."    Sure, it's a little more complicated than that, but again as Hewitt used to say, (and I'm paraphrasing) when it comes to effective communications, look at the Bible.  It's a collection of powerful stories that has guided and inspired people for more than two thousand years.  You can't beat that for impact.

I am often amazed when I see advise about when a business should write a press release.  It will list dozens of items such as "when you hire a new vice president," or "when you open a new branch office."  Yes, those announcements may get included somewhere in the newspaper business section or in a business journal note, and that's good. But they're unlikely to get you a lot of ink.  And if it's on-air publicity you're after, local radio and TV won't have much use for them at all.

How can you turn them into a story?  Keep reading…


News You Can Use – October

Here are some idea joggers for October story pitches.    Remember some national issues are still generating lots of discussion.  Stories about the economy, job losses, housing foreclosures,the health care debate are all still relevant now  As a publicity seeker, you'll want to keep up with what angles have been done and find new angles to Read more about News You Can Use – October[…]