Unplug to Recharge: Bye for Now

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so many choices in business So many choices, so little time.  I have written nearly 400 posts for this site and am ready for a break from blogging.

As I explained a few weeks ago, I have decided to turn my attention to other aspects of my business and make this my last weekly Your Media Moment blog post. I have learned never to say never and expect I will still write this blog occasionally but not regularly.

Your Media Moment will remain an active website and will likely become a collection of landing pages for my other projects. My plans include gathering my hundreds of blog posts into a book (or two!), and developing an online media authority course and mentoring program.  Plus I am developing a podcast, Tuned In Experts Radio, which I’ll talk about later in this post.

Years ago someone told me, “Sometimes you have to step back to move forward.” It’s useful to unplug and take a break from what you’ve been doing to get fresh perspective, change direction or redesign your approach.

For example, a few months ago a kerfuffle involving a “virtual” friend upset me a great deal. It had nothing to do with me, but as I watched it unfold in an online group. I was surprised by how it made me feel. I recognized I have control over my feelings through what I read, watch, listen to and think about and I consciously pulled back from experiencing the negativity of some social media communities.

Here’s a recent article about social media and why it might make sense to reduce your involvement.


Change is the only constant and every day we have the opportunity to start fresh in some way. This Fast Company article has some terrific ideas for daily actions that support personal and professional growth:


When I began YMM in 2007,  my intention was to coach people for DIY publicity in traditional media (print, radio and TV), but businesses evolve over time.  Now I do more work focused on Done For You digital media asset creation services to help clients with authority positioning through Kindle books, web magazine articles, press releases, social video campaigns, etc.

This year I am also teaming up with Michelle Kane of Voice Matters to launch an audio podcast called “Tuned In Experts” radio which will have its own website.

The show’s theme is Become the Media in the Digital Age and its content is aimed at solo practitioners, small business people and entrepreneurs who want to become effective brand publishers and brand broadcasters, using all the fantastic digital media tools and platforms that are now available to tell their brand’s story and grow their business.

We will interview experts who specialize in various online skills.  We’ll ask them to share inspiring tales of how they became “tuned in experts”  but most important, we’ll ask these Influencers for practical tips to help our audience become “tuned in experts.” The goal is for listeners to take away something more than a good story about someone else’s success. We want to give listeners what I call “news you can use.”

No podcasts are out there YET.  We haven’t set a launch date because we’re doing this in our spare time. Ha!  Michelle calls it our “worksperiment!”  I like that.

For now, we only have the FB page and Twitter account set up:



We have a book in the works and I invite you to connect with us to get our updates, follow our progress and play along.

Until then, as Charles Osgood has said, tongue in cheek, for years, ” See you on the radio.”



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