Time, Marketing and Gmail Changes

bend around time-clock- time managementAbout a month ago, Google rolled out a change to its email program that sorts your emails into several simple categories. You could opt-out of the new look or customize it. 

I already had my own email filters in place, but I liked the organizational simplicity of Google’s tab choices and kept their categories of primary, social and promotions. The other 2, updates and forums, I got rid of.

Email marketers were less than thrilled with the change. Most made a mad dash to alert their subscribers to move their “valuable content” to the primary tab. 

I chose to move a few but not many.  I deleted several that I hadn’t read or bought from in ages and I left the rest under the promotions tab.  After several weeks of using the new arrangement, I find it helps me manage my inbox time a lot better.

I like that the promotional messages are not mixed in with emails that are more important to me like friends emails and client correspondence. When I go to the promotions tab, I can make a quick visual assessment of how long it will take me to plow through those emails. Then, I get to decide how to prioritize handling them.  I generally set aside a block of time each day to scan/read them.  During that time, the promotional emails get my full attention.

Certainly there are pluses and minuses to a “smart” inbox.  The arbitrary sorting was offensive to some.. a Big Brother move. (however, you can opt-out of the new Gmail or modify it). Email marketers fear if their emails are not in the primary box – front and center – you won’t see them or buy from them which is a valid concern. A counter argument, perhaps a weaker claim, is that when you open the promotions tab, you are more likely to be in a buying mood.  Time will tell.

We’ve all been dealing with cluttered inboxes full of spam and other junk emails for years plus everyone is bombarded by advertising messages everywhere.  Social media has given marketers even more enticing avenues to strut their stuff.

My feeling is streamlining the inbox to let you choose what is primary communication to you is a good thing. 

I am confident the marketplace will find new and better ways to get our attention and our dollars very quickly.


There are lots of great systems and books about how to make the most of your time. I've highlighted one book I recommend below.

7 Online Press Kit Must-Haves

Media Kit Red cheerleader_megaphone_10973Experts and Authors, do you have a press kit?  Is it available online? 

Putting your vital details into an electronic media kit can save journalists, bloggers and you a lot of time and energy. You can DIY a kit or use a services like Online PressKit 24/7

Media people are busy working to meet deadlines day and night.  If they can easily check the facts about you by finding a press kit on your website, blog, social media profiles, etc., they won’t be trying to telephone you at all hours. Or worse still, spiking (dropping) your story because they can not verify something.

Here are essential elements to include:

  • Biography
  • High res (for print) and low res (for online use) downloadable photos of you, your product, book cover, etc.
  • Contact information – extremely important and often overlooked.
  • Social Media links
  • Video links
  • Press Releases
  • Past media coverage – written credits and/or links to coverage

Position yourself as a bona fide and media savvy professional by giving reporters and editors everything they need to know about you in one place.

The media world is moving faster than ever. If you are looking for positive publicity with accurate and effective coverage, get an online press kit working for you around the clock.

Social Media and Just the Facts, Ma’am

Quote Not entitled to own facts I believe in free speech as much as the next guy, maybe more. But sometimes the comments that pass for fact on social media sites make me a little crazy.

Sure, the point of social media is to be social and it’s fun to comment back and forth as if we were smiling and laughing at a cocktail party or chatting to our neighbor over the back fence.

But online media adds another element. Depending on your privacy settings, what you post can also be public speech and a certain responsibility goes along with what reasonable people say in public.

Now, online exchanges venting about a product or service that isn’t working right or customer service that isn’t responding well may get you faster action. The same goes for word of mouth recommendations or warnings and that’s a good thing.

However, making up facts or passing along dubious claims is another story. We’ve all heard versions of the Big Lie Quote:  “Tell a lie often enough and it will become truth.”

Your opinions are your own, but facts are facts.   Yet I’ve done media literacy exercises with students who could not recognize the difference between fact and opinion.

Falsehoods spread on the Internet can be damaging as we witnessed with the recent twitter hack on the AP feed that affected the stock market. If a  news item on social media sounds fishy, pause before you pass it along.  (For example, people rush to post RIP’s for celebs who are  not dead, when two extra clicks would get them the facts).

Sometimes respected news organizations get their facts wrong too and I am not saying I go around acting like the fact police on social media or get into flame wars with people who express wrong-headed assertions as fact. (thought I am tempted at times).  I simply use restraint in my own social media activities.

A friend of mine said at a gathering of social media professionals that she views herself as “My Name, Inc.” in all her online interactions, whether it’s for business or personal purposes.

That’s a good practice for any expert who wants to establish and maintain an online reputation as a thoughtful, intelligent leader. Decide carefully what you will share in public.

It is similar to what I tell media clients. You cannot control what a reporter asks, but you can control what comes out of your mouth.

Beyond a quick Google search, here are some sites to help you “Check Your Facts:”




What is your opinion?  😀  Please leave a comment.

Social Skills: Get Tweet-Smart

If you're stuck on what to tweet, here's help.  A Top 10 Topics List from the newsletter of Dr. Sarah David of Social Savvy Sarah (reprinted with permisson):

TOP 10 Topics to Tweet on Twitter for Brand Visibility

Twitter is an excellent platform to get your message out to the masses but it can be a mystery for those just getting started.  I know when I was initially introduced to Twitter, I was not sure what to tweet or how to tweet it so I did like most people, I had an account but with no followers or engagement.  Not to worry!  By adding in a few of my tips on topics you can tweet about you will flying high in no time! Here are 10 Topics to Tweet on Twitter for Brand Visibility to land that dream job or business client! 

In Closing…

Twitter may seem a little daunting at first but by implementing a few of the Top 10 Topics to Tweet you will be able to share your message, establish yourself as a thought-leader, gain followers and connect with other Tweeple in the Twitosphere to increase your Brand Visibility!  

So much to share…so little time so Get to Tweeting! 

Supporting You One "Savvy Step" at a Time!

Dr. Sarah David is the Founder of Social Savvy Sarah…A Personal Branding and Social Media Consultancy Providing Social Media Strategies to Build Your Brand and be Socially Savvy! She works with a World-Class Team to provide a "One-Stop Shop" "whether you are a "Do-it-Yourselfer" or need "Done for You" services for all of your social media needs so you can Build Your Brand and be Socially Savvy!   To learn more about how to use social media to build your brand and be socially savvy, sign up for her free exclusive personal branding and social media marketing updates 

at http://www.socialsavvysarah.com   


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What’s Your Interest in Pinterest?

Red Pinterest logo
Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All this talk about Pinterest has me torn.  It's been around a few years but interest has heated up lately and I've heard both pros and cons. 

Initially, my thought was, Oh, no.  Not another social networking platform to learn! I am focused on changes at Facebook and the best use of Google Plus and now this?  Marketers I respect warned of copyright issues. Some even predict the pinning frenzy will be gone by the end of the year. 

Plus, people who are trying to sell you something – their secret sauce –  say Pinterest is "IT" and you are missing a huge opportunity if you don't buy their stuff.  That's fine – marketers will market.  I get that.  I just want to separate hype from reality, in my own mind. 

I had read the audience is mostly women and the most successful boards are big on social lifestyle content.  I enjoy collecting stuff personally in the real world and like to curate and share online content, but could pinning and re-pinning images help build my business?  It just seems like one giant "like" factory and I already have plenty of other social outlets for doing that. 

Then, last week I met a successful male author who said his website traffic and online sales took off when he started using Pinterest.  Hmmm.

I also attended an excellent meetup at Aweber about Pinterest and heard a lot of positive opinions from women and men using it.   In media, we like to stay ahead of the crowd.  Pinterest is all about visuals and I'm in visual communication.  It wasn't really set up for marketing a business but there's no question, it's getting the eyeballs and driving traffic right now.

Here are my thoughts, if you are on the fence.   If you already have a well-defined and established social media plan and Pinterest fits in, let the pinning begin.   If you are new to creating an online name for yourself and social media footprint for your business, start by putting up profiles and content on the main platforms first –  Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn and Google Plus.  

Once your foundation platforms are fleshed out, consider adding a new one to the mix.  If Pinterest is still of interest and of course, if it's still around, go for it.




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Boost Your Viz to Get More Biz

Online Visibility Expert Denise Wakeman  pointed me to this new infographic from Hubspot about the power of blogging, social media and delivering great content to help you attract more clients and make more sales.

Act Big To Get Big

HubSpot Marketing Automation Software


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Get Social Media Savvy To Grow Your Business

Are you ready to start marketing with Social Media but don't know how? Are you anxious about interacting online with potential prospects and clients?

My friend Jennifer Phillips April can help you harness the power of social media to spread the word about your business.

Her new group coaching program Social Media Training for Smart Business Owners is starting soon.  Learn how to get the Social Media Advantage for your business.

Click This Link to Find Out More!

TV Interview Tip: Stay Positive

Social Media Expert Shama Kabani does an excellent job in this live TV interview on the value of Twitter.

It's a journalist's job to question and this one challenges Shama at every turn. Shama keeps smilling, turns the negative questions into positive points and delivers a fun and informative segment.

The Power of Stories

I’ve spent most of my professional life as a TV storyteller.  Sharing  stories is one of the most effective communication tools around.  Now, it’s easier than ever to get out your story with online video, social media, blogging, etc.   Stories can inspire, motivate, entertain, teach – among other things.

Here’s a link to an excellent  New York Times article about Storytelling in Business and the reader comments also offer valuable insights and resources.


What’s Your Story?

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