Get Your Online Video Done Right

  Friends Rick Toone and Ken McArthur hosted a terrific Video Techniques Workshop this past weekend full of great information about what it takes for entrepreneurs and other experts to produce better video. A few years ago a lot of online video advice ran along the lines of, "Get over yourself. Just do it.  Put Read more about Get Your Online Video Done Right[…]

Web TV Marketing Tips

I've watched the Help My Business….Web TV show for years, but its creator and host Andrew Lock hasn't produced any new shows for awhile.  He's back with a new episode now.  To me, his shows are an entertaining, fun resource full of useful marketing advice and of course, his Web TV show is a great  Read more about Web TV Marketing Tips[…]

Arts in Video

My friend and former colleague Bill Crumlic (CrumlicMedia) produces videos for artists and art galleries in New York City. He's written an article for the latest ARTisSpectrum magazine about how artists can best use video to promote their artwork.    It's written for his target audience – artists – but much of his advice is universal. Read more about Arts in Video[…]