12 Days of Pitches – Day 12

I hope these 12 days have gotten your creative ideas flowing. As you can see, these pitch formulas can address broad international issues or specific personal topics. They can work beyond pitches as articles headlines, tag lines on book titles, radio and TV promo and tease copy, cover lines on magazines, etc. Formula for Day Read more about 12 Days of Pitches – Day 12[…]

12 Days of Pitches -Day 10

Here's the formula for Day 10 of the 12 Days of Pitches: "What every ______ should know about _______"ExamplesWhat every small business owner should know about the new healthcare reform actWhat every parent should know about getting the H1N1 flu shot for their child. The examples are mine. The formulas are from Radio Publicity expert Read more about 12 Days of Pitches -Day 10[…]