3 Ways To Avoid Being A Media Dud

I generally like to take the positive approach, but sometimes "What Not To Do" is more effective.  If you don't want to squander your "moment" in a hard-won interview on TV or radio, here are three "Don'ts" to keep in mind.   1. Don't Ramble.  Decide the main message you want to deliver going in. Make sure what Read more about 3 Ways To Avoid Being A Media Dud[…]

The No Make-Up Look is Not for TV

Singer Jessica Simpson and Marie Claire magazine are generating buzz for the May issue because Jess is photographed without make up! A beautiful young woman like Simpson has little to fear from the bare-faced look, but most women look better wearing a little make-up in photographs and it’s essential when they appear on TV.  Even Read more about The No Make-Up Look is Not for TV[…]

On-Camera Presence

Image by T Hall via Flickr Want to avoid that “deer in the headlights” moment?  The secret is PRACTICE. Whether you’re facing the camera in a television studio, with a news crew on location or in front of your own web cam or flip camera, you want to be your best self.  Some people are Read more about On-Camera Presence[…]