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Writing a book? What’s the title?

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When you walk through a book shop or visit an online book store, what attracts your eye?  I bet it's a catchy title!

A good example is Tim Ferriss' book,"The 4-Hour Work Week." That title flew off the book shelves, shot to the top of the best seller list and made Ferriss famous. (His ideas were controversial and the term became a pop culture catch phrase. How cool is that?) 

As you
know, I'm a big proponent of having
your own book and being a published author.  A book can do wonders for your credibility as an expert and put you on the media's radar for free publicity.

No question, a key element of your book's success is its title. Titles sell books. But, getting the title of your book "just right" can be tricky.

Tim Ferriss tested title
after title until he found the one he felt confident
would SELL.

The story is that Tim tested his possible titles to his
target market via Google Adwords and chose

the one that received the most clicks, knowing it
would be a winner on the shelves.

Although it's a great idea and seems to have worked for him, it can be an expensive approach
for the rest of us!

So how do you decide if YOUR title is a good one?

"Guessing" a title that sounds good to you and a few friends isn't a
good strategy. In fact, it could be downright
embarrassing, if your title flops.

There is a way you can test your
book title out on a group of your peers,
plus a book writing and publishing pro,
to see if it has potential.

Here's a quick reminder about a free call my friend and colleague, Donna Kozik, is
this Wednesday, September 1, to help you create a great book title. 

Donna is calling the free call "Title Idol" and
you can find out all the details, plus get access

to Donna's "How to Determine a Winning
Book Title" article here:

Title Idol Free Call

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If you've ever dreamed of adding "author" to your name, don't miss this call.  It promises to be both fun and informative!

Six Figures from YouTube?

A lot of people may  dream of becoming Do-It-Yourself Video Stars, but can you make real money making videos?

TubeMogul analyzed their viewership date and found 10 people in the world who are pulling in six figures or more from the YouTube partnership program.  How do they do it?

Here’s a link to the article to find out who they are and what kind of videos spell PROFIT for them.

Earning 100K from YouTube

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