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What Does a Producer Do?

People often wonder what exactly does a producer do?   The answer is, it depends.  Many people carry the title "producer" in the media, but there are all different kinds and no universal definition. In general, a producer is asked to combine creative and/or technical skills with project management duties.

In my experience, the producer is a "buck stops here" kind of job.  When something goes wrong in the field, on the air or in the studio, it's the producer's job to make it work and the producer's head on the block, if it doesn't. 

To give you an idea of the scope of a producer's role, here's a look at some of what a professional video producer is expected to do. 

A Professional Approach to Web Video – What Does a Video Producer Do? 

Dan Pink on What Motivates You!

Here's an interesting video I found on YouTube about Motivation. It uses animation to illustrate a talk given by author Daniel Pink (promoting his latest book DRIVE, no doubt). 

This could be a good idea for the authors and speakers among us, perhaps as part of a demo, since it essentially converts a speaking excerpt which could be presented as simply a boring talking head video into something much more visually engaging.   I found it very watch-able.

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