Dan Pink on What Motivates You!

Here's an interesting video I found on YouTube about Motivation. It uses animation to illustrate a talk given by author Daniel Pink (promoting his latest book DRIVE, no doubt).  This could be a good idea for the authors and speakers among us, perhaps as part of a demo, since it essentially converts a speaking excerpt[…]

Helpful Social Media Referral Tool

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm currently spending most of my time focused on services to help local offline businesses get results online through video marketing.  I've worked online for a number of years, but as I look for new ways to get the word out for my clients, it still amazes me how[…]

Don’t Fill the Silence

Reporters are not out to get you. People looking for positive publicity often fear that.  When you pitch a story and they bite, what they want is more information to flesh out the pitched idea and craft it into a story.  Still, doing a radio or TV interview is not like having a conversation, no[…]